auto-heating FIR therapy jade & Germanium Massage Mattress Pad

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Speci 45*45 cm
-When the jade is heated, it emits long-wave Bio-Spectrums that penetrate the body 14~15cm (5.5~6 inches). It makes resonance effects that can revive tissue, promote blood circulation, make weak alkalizing blood, and emit harmful waste toxins.

) It contains 1548 pcs jade stones.

2) Size : 150cm x 200cm

Functions of Helpmate Thermal Massage Mattress

1.Far infrared thermal effect:

By heating the Xiuyan Jade treatment unit, it emits far infrared ray (4-14um) which is easy to absorb by our body. When far infrared ray penetrates into the body, it will arose resonance of atomy and molecular of body cells, which forms the thermal reaction. So it has the following effect:

1) It activates the biological molecular.
2) It promotes blood circulation.
3) It enhances immunity.
4) It eliminates inflammation, dropsy and pain.

2. Negative ion effect
Jade in Helpmate Thermal Massage Mattress could emit lots of negative ion.Those negative ion is carried into the whole bod
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