Plastic 3D Glasses

Product ID: Plastic 3D Glasses

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We are manufacturer (TaiWan-Funded Enterprise) and specialize in R&D the Laser Light Lens, Graphics Raster Logo, Diffraction Grating Lens(Filter Films),Holographic Grating Filter Films and 3D Lens/Filter Films field, for instance, the Laser Projectors, Laser Logo for Sign, Laser logo/gobo for Stage mini Laser Light, Diffraction Grating Components, Graphics Raster Lens, and the 3D Firework Glasses/ Lazer Viewer/Fireworks Viewer /LaserViewer/3D movie Glasses/ Chromadepth Glasses/ Rainbow Spectrum 3D Fireworks glasses /Cricular Polarized 3D Glasses/Paper 3D Glasses/Plastic 3D Glasses/3D Anaglyphic Glasses/3D Polarized Glasses/Decoder Vision Glasses/ ColorCode 3D Stereo system /Spectrum Separated 3D glasses / Specialized lens/ Trioscopic lenses /DayShades/ Eclipsers and Handheld Viewers, more than 37 kinds of Patterns/Logo and 7 kinds of 3D Glasses can provide. Besides, our factorys new product--The remote control Laser Light for Cars Logo.

Main Products

laser projector, laser logo(For the Cars), laser stage lighting