semi-transparent films

Product ID: YD-39

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Advanced semiconductor manufacturing process
Advanced semiconductor is suitable for High-Tech Industry, Optics Industry, Precision Type Instrument, Precision of Measurement, Device and Meters. For instance, Virtual Raster Keyboard, Digital Cameras, localizer, Infrared Detector, Collimator, Barcode Monitors,Infrared Ear Thermometers and so on.
Semiconductor low-level process
Semiconductor low-level process is suitable for Electric Industry, Toys Industry, Gifts Industry. For instance, Laser products (Laser Projectors, Laser Logo for Sign, Laser logo/gobo for Stage mini Laser Light, Diffraction Grating Components, Graphics Raster Lens), Fireworks Glasses (3D Firework Glasses/ Lazer Viewer/Fireworks Viewer /LaserViewer/3D movie Glasses/ Chromadepth Glasses/ Rainbow Spectrum 3D Fireworks glasses /Cricular Polarized 3D Glasses/Paper 3D Glasses/Plastic 3D Glasses/3D Anaglyphic Glasses/3D Polarized Glasses/Decoder Vision Glasses/ ColorCode 3D Stereo system /Spectrum Separated 3D glasses

Main Products

laser projector, laser logo(For the Cars), laser stage lighting