We "YUNG CHI PRINTING MACHINERY CO., LTD" founded in 1988 and a major manufacturer & developer for wood grain printing presses.The main
production range which contain of single colour, shromatic,trichromatic & four-chromatic wood grain printing presses, spreading m/c,washing m/c, UV curing m/c and other relaated surrounding machinery etc.

Through strived against difficulties several year, YUNG CHI PRINTING MACH-INERY CO., LTD. has continued to grow, develop and committed to product which meet or exceed all of our customers demands.

Since, we have builded an unsurpassed teputation & praise from our honourable cus-tomers, our staff are strongly creative and totally dedicated to providing the A1 products to our customers. Especially, we consistently search for new ways to improve the quality of our products, we are committed to continuous improvement in eveything we do and deep believe the only true measure of our success is customer satisfaction quality is not enough, we constantly strive to improve in every aspect of our production range which also related the chemical character of coating material and the features of processed workpiece.

We have always persisted in good quality machinery, earnest service etc., offer to our people. It is our sincere desire to work with each and everyone of you as our products developer and enduser, we believe this catalog will be a express to help bring about this relationship, we sincerely invite you to contact us and keep to encourage us offering the future management while the breadth of YUNG CHI business has expanded greatly since 1988.

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