Cotton Seed Oil

Cotton Seed Oil

Cotton Seed Oil

Product ID: ZEE-CSO-002

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"Oils" is a collective term for more or less viscous, generally organic-chemical liquids. Depending on their chemical composition, a distinction may be drawn between fatty, essential, mineral and silicone oils. Fatty oils include liquid, semisolid and solid products of vegetable and animal origin. They are also known as sweet oils.

Cottonseed oil is of vegetable origin and is obtained from cottonseeds. As a crude oil, it is dark and cloudy brown. When refined, it is a yellowish, high-grade edible oil.

Cottonseed oil exhibits only a slight tendency to evaporate. Its commercial significance is in decline, as producers are increasingly dispatching fatty acids as semifinished products.

Availability : Whole Year
Quantity : 10 Matric Tonnes Minimum

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