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Guava has attained commercial importance in tropics and subtropics because of its wide adaptability to varied soil and climatic conditions and as prolific bearer. Guava is believed to be originated in tropical America. In Pakistan, it is grown in all the provinces. The major guava growing areas include Shariqpur, Kasur, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Sangla Hills and Gujranwala in the Punjab; Kohat, Haripur and Bannu in the North West Frontier Province and Larkana and Hyderabad in Sindh.

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant found in abundance in the guava fruit. Guavas contain even more vitamin C than oranges. One guava fruit contains approximately 377mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C supports your immune system by protecting it against pathogens and fighting disease. Just one guava provides you with more than 100 percent of the USDA recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Guavas average four to five times more vitamin C per serving than other citrus fruits.

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