GF800.1100B power-saving medium-speed Dry laminating machine

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It is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD etc.2.The main transmission device is controlled by alternating current frequency vector. The speed of heat beat and rubber-plated mesh roller synchronically adopt the swing arm to control the tightness and looseness of the film.
3. Group 1 and 2 material-feeding devices adopt photoelectric edge-correcting device while the material feeding is controlled by manual tension. The material-feeding devices of laminating film adopt photoelectric edge correcting device and manual tension to control.4. The anilox rollers control the amount of ink scrapping by scrapers. The rubber roller adopts dual air cylinder
5. The temperature in the oven tunnel through three-pace intelligent temperature controller is equipped with inner cycling unit, three-pace independent hot air drying system
6. Laminating hot drum and pressing roller device are heated through the hot oil
7. The Material-receiving adopts linkage material-receiving device, whil

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