Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus

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RHZK positive compressed-air system is a new model of self-supporting open respirator. Which is designed for fireman and person trapped in rescue situations with smoke, pollution, hotvapor and kypoxygen such as fire, chemistry industry. Boas on fire Petroleum industry, storehouse, laboratory and mining areas. To perform the extinguishing, Rescueing fnctions
This. Product system provides user with a qualified air-tight face mask which possess wide mission field and high transparency. The air-supply set provides user with a new model of stable demand valve with the properties of smaller size and lightweight. The backboard is made of qualified stress material. The cylinder which contains high pressure of air possesses a proper safe parameter. The air-reducing valve assembly provides an alarm, which whistles at certain range of air pressure to warn user to leave the dangerous situation in time.
This product system has following advantages compared with similar products: lighter weight, smaller size, moreconvenient for use and for maintainence, more comfortable to wear, wmore stablized functioning. This is a set of satisfactory, protective respiratory equipment for firemen and rescue workers

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