JSQ-Forced vent gas water heater

JSQ-Forced vent gas water heater

forced vent gas water heater

Product ID: JSQ-gas water heater

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1. Ultra low water pressure start-up or Zero water pressure start-up
2. Ignition pulse of A class
3. Pure copper heat exchanger
4. Water-gas interlock valve
5. Leak and overheating safety device
6. Flame failure safety device
7. Antifreeze & anti-dry combustion safety device
8. Over water pressure protection device
9. Incomplete combustion safety device
10. Combustion air taken from outside, waste gas exhausted to outside, can be installed inside bathroom
11. Adopt high-efficiency burner and full sealed combustion hall
12. 20 minutes timer
13. Hot/cold water control
15. Summer and winter switch option for energy saving
16. Natural exhaust and forced exhaust option
17. Stainless steel or powder coated panel in white, silver, metallic or golden option
18. Oxygen depletion system device option
19. Self-diagnose, trouble code displayed on LCD screen, auto cutoff protection in case of accident
20. 6L, 7L, 8L, 10L, 12L, are available for OEM gas water heater service.

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