GSM Wireless security alarm system

Product ID: ABS-8000-GSM

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GSM network protection,short message sending function.DIY,Customize,easy-to-use and install! ATS-802 is the updated advanced GSM prepaid module made by Shenzhen ABS Technology CO.,LTD.It features eleven different wireless protection zones,
two wired protection zones,partial disarmed,remote telephone control,remote electricity control,etc.compatible with CCTV surveillance and centre monitoring system.
  • Protection zone:^$wired:2 zones
  • wireless:8 zones
  • ^#GSM band^$EGSM900 or DCS 1800 or PCS 1900MHZ
  • It can save six alarm telephone number and separately set SMS function or telephone
  • alarm.transmitting power consumption:1W
  • ^#LED indicators:8^$^#
  • Features
    see the Product Description^$^#
    • CE CCC

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