Intelligent wireless & wired security alarm(ABS-8000-008)

Product ID: ABS-8000-008

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1.8 wireless different zones and 4 wires zones
2.Long-distance monitoring and alarm protected zone recheck
3.13 LED to indicate the alarm zone. program 6 phone number
5.multi-armed mode:delay armed,armed without auto-dial up 6.prompt sound for
each alarm
7.with keyboard to program each function calling times to be programmed
9.telephone trunk protected
10.battery back-up ,built-in panel.
11.while alarm is happened,it can track the alarm zone by real time through long-distance
  • Wireless frequency^$two option:433MHz or 315MHz^#An adapto^$An adaptor:option:Input electricity from 110 ACV - 240 AC,customized.
  • Adaptor choosing:two round pins,two flat pins,three pins customized
  • ^#Wireless receiving distance ^$in open place:>250m,indoor:30 - 50m,
  • (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
  • ^#Alarm volume^$internal:95dB,external siren:110 - 120 dB^#Optional sensor^$wireless smoke detector,gas leakage etector,vibration sensor,siren with strobe light,flashing siren,horn siren,remote control,all sensors as we selling
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