32 zone wireless security alarm system

Product ID: ABS-8000-006

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1.Protection different zone:32 zones with 32 different zones indicated on panel.
2.Each zone can be put more sensors.
3.Partial disarmed optional by remote control.One keypad easy to
partial disarmed some sensors that programmed in the second zone.
4.Auto-dial up 6 phone numbers and recycle to repeat unless confirmed.
5.Store voice recorded message (10 second),it can be recovered.
When received alarm message,it speaks as you spoken.
6.NI-MH rechargeable battery to back up power:>24 hours.Auto-switch if AC power is
7.Telephone manages the alarm system,convenience.
8.Phone trunks protected to avoid any designing destroy.
9.LED on the panel to display protection zone.
10.PIR detector is preset for the second zone which can be disarmed solely
11.Audible or mute siren optional.
12.Quick program by the panel keyboard.
13.When received alarm call,you can press the keypad on the phone to
disarm or arm or monitoring or start on or off siren
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