Absolute Ozone Generator For Commercial And Industrial Applications High Concentration and High Working Pressure Most Compact

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Absolute Ozone Generator will provide you with many ears of reliable service, high ozone production maintenance and hassle free.

Varieties of Commercial Ozone Generators offered by Absolute Ozone are produced in a varying capacities and configurations to better suite your application.

Absolute Ozone Generators are the most compact on the market today, offer highest ozone concentration up to 14-wt% for air-cooled generators and offer working pressures from 20-100 PSIG.

All products are manufactured in our production facility to a highest level of quality assurance, yielding unsurpassed reliability and functionality which we further back by a full 3 year warranty and "Right on Spec Warranty" (See Warranty for details).

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  • Ozone Production^$Absolute Ozone Generators offer variety of ozone production from 5 g/h to 500 g/h.
  • Standard Models Produce 22, 30,40, 45, 60 g/h Of Ozone
  • ^#Ozone Concentration^$Ozone Concentration up to 14% by Weight offered by High Concetration Models. Standard Concetration 5-12% By Weight.^#Working Pressure^$Absolute Ozone Generators Are Produced to Work at 20, 50, 80 and 100 PSIG. Variable Pressure Generators Offer Stable Ozone Production From 20 to 80 PSIG^#Dimensions^$Absolute Ozone Generator Standard Models Measure
  • 14" x 14" x 6 " and 18" x 18" x 10" Shipping Dimensions^#Weight^$AE12-15M Models Weigh 20 lb
  • AE20-30M Models Weigh 23 lb
  • For shipping Weight Add 4 LB.^#
  • Features
  • The Most Compact Ozone Generator ^$Absolute Ozone Generators Are Most Compact Generators On The Market Today. They Offer Very impressive Ozone Production From Extremely Compact Size. Ideal For Mobile Systems, Skids ^#Highest Ozone Concentration ^$Absolute Ozone Generators Offer One Of The Highest Ozone Concentrations From Air-Cooled Generators Today, Which Makes Them Ideal For Water Treatment Systems, R&D and Research Labs^#Variety of Working Pressures^$Absolute Ozone Generators Are Successfully Used In Soil Remediation Application, Requiring High Pressure Ozone For Underground Injection.^#PCOP System^$*PCOP - We are the only manufacturer to offer new - Pressure Compensated Ozone Production System.
  • Should under normal operating conditions pressure changes occur within specified range, typically 5-20 psig, 40-60 psig or 70-85 psig, the power to a ozone cell will be automatically adjusted to maintain uninterrupted ozone production.
  • This proprietary feature provides additional flexibility and reliability to Absolute Ozone Generators in various customer applications, were steady laboratory quality oxygen supply, can not be reasonably achieved.
  • ^#Warranty^$"All Absolute Ozone products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three year from the date of shipment. The liability of Absolute Ozone is limited to the defective product value only." *
  • But for us, it wasn't enough, because it didn't cover the performance of our products. So we came up with the Absolute Ozone "Right On Spec" Warranty:
  • "If a product we send you doesn't meet or exceed our published specifications, call us. We'll send you one that does."
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