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Acota (Far East) Ltd., as one of the leading high quality bags & cosmetic/household related metal accessories manufacturer & exporter established in 1994 together with our China factory filled with well-trained skillful workers and modern machinery and facility.

We are confident that our products were made with best material & design, also the higher standard of workmanship will appeal to the most selective customers. As a manufacturer with modern facilities and a 4-stage quality monitoring system (includes material, on-line production, semi-finished and pre-shipment inspections), our products are guaranteed to be above the standard expectations.

On the other hand, we are improving our products constantly in every possible way, and will offer them at most competitive price in order to give you entire satisfaction.

Moreover, your own designs provided are welcome and we believe that a trial order would convince you that the products we are offering are the excellent value for the market. We would esteem and give very careful attention to any comments received from you.

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