mobile evaporative cooler

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Health Benefits

With JINGHUI evaporative cooling, a complete air change occurs every one-to-three minutes. This offers a great health advantage over traditional refrigerated air conditioning, which employs a complicated "closed" system that recirculates the same stale dry air over and over.

Constant cool air movement pushes heat out -- along with stale air, smoke, odors and pollution.

The high volume of fresh, cool air produced by the evaporative cooler helps your body ventilate naturally. Many Asthma sufferers experience great relief by using Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative cooling helps maintain natural humidity levels, so wood furniture and fabric fibers do not dry out prematurely.

Evaporative coolers do not require an airtight structure for maximum operating efficiency so you can leave doors and windows open.
  • Loading quantity^$:38 pcs in 40'HQ
  • ^#16 speed^$inverter-tech^#made of metal^$long durability^#Air flow^$12000 m3/h
  • ^#Dimension^$1000*620*1200 (mm)
  • Net weight
  • 125 Kg
  • ^#
  • Features
  • Energy saving,^$electricity cost 0.75 kw
  • ^#High efficient^$refrigeration effective: 48 kw^#Economical^$covering area: 80-100 m2^#Convenient^$Mobile by wheels
  • ^#
  • Certificate
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