Remote golf trolley

Product ID: newh-101

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it is a High efficiency, hand-free, foldable, full remote controlled, portable golf bag motor trolley. Easy to use. Compact. Light weight. Durable construction. Quiet. Dependable. No motor is visible - because it is integrated in the wheel. You can hear no noise - the drive is gearless. Brushless motor means maintenance free.
  • battery and motor^$Battery charge
  • good for an 27
  • hole round.
  • Unique four wheels
  • design gives .SUPERBUG stability
  • and eliminates the
  • need for a bogey
  • wheel.
  • Hub Motor is
  • barely audible.^#Fold size^$Folds to a compact size.
  • Full remote Controlled.
  • Complete with fully
  • sealed battery and
  • automatic charger.
  • Features
  • Speed Cruiser.^$Classic Aluminum Construction.
  • Control on "D" Handle contains: Electronic ON/OFF Switch, adjustable Speed Control, Remote/hand conversion switch.
  • Remote Control Transmitter has: go forward, back off, Stop, Left, Right & Brake controls. Speed-up and Speed-down commands.
  • Remote range up to approx. 100 yards
  • The remote code will never repeat, Many trolleys can be use in same area and no interfere each other.
  • The body is the Antenna - no interference.
  • Remote turns made by reducing two rear wheels - turns the caddy 360o in either direction.
  • SuperBug braked by stopping two rear wheels.
  • Two hub-motors drive. Drive is inside of the rear Hub-motor wheels.
  • Caddy turns by turning handle or fob commands.
  • Fold up, fold down design.
  • Non-adjustable handle height.
  • Folded caddy weight -21lbs.
  • Quick-connect Strap holds bag securely.
  • Battery 2X12V/12 Amp-hours SLA battery - 19 lbs.
  • 24 Volt intellective Charger.
  • One year parts/labor warranty.
  • Color is optional.
  • Carton Size: 835X490X327mm
  • Loadability: 225sets/20',450sets/40',527sets/40HQ
  • Certificate
    • CE
    • EMC