brushless hub motor

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our production is the minitype electrical motor(0.015-20kw),it is a kind of permanent-magnet direct current motor,the material is Nd-Fe-B. And the production has 3 series,
1. SZXC series rare material permanent-magnet DC servomotor tacho - pulse
2. SZWC series brushless servomotor DC
3. DWX series motor DC and DX series motor DC is designed for electric-bike.
  • data of the motor^$some necessary information of the motor list below :
  • V power RPM A torque
  • 24v 200w 230r/min 11.1A 8.30N.m
  • 24v 250w 250r/min 13.0A 9.55N.m
  • 36v 200w 230r/min 7.4 A 8.30N.m
  • 36v 250w 250r/min 8.6A 9.55N.m
  • 48v 350w 350r/min 9.3A 9.55N.m
  • 48v 500w 500r/min 13A 9.55N.m
  • 60v 800w 2000r/min 16.7A 3.82N.m
  • 24V 150W 190R/MIN 8.3A 7.54N.m
  • 24V 180w 210r/min 10A 8.18N.m
  • 24V 200w 230r/min 11.1A 8.3N.m
  • 36v 180w 210r/min 6.7A 8.18N.m
  • 36v 150w 190r/min 5.6A 7.54N.m
  • 36V 200W 230r/min 7.4A 8.30N.m
  • Features
    Efficiency^$High Motor Efficiency: 86%^#package^$one package include 5 motor