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Product ID: GREAT-150iM-II

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Specification of Milling Machine Controls:
>Controllable axes: 3-5 axes
>linkage axes: 3-5 axes linear, 2 axis arc linkage
>32MB user storage
>8.4 inch TFT Colorful display
>Real-time and all-round self-diagnosis
>Feed per minute and feed per revolution
>Linear, arc, spiral interpolation; Drilling, boring, tapping, etc fixed cycle macro commands
>Various interpolation commands and M, S, T function
>Max 99 tools management
>Chinese/English language
>Parameter package and software backup/upgrade

Absolute Superiority:
>Max rapid traverse: 60m/min
>Max cutting speed: 20m/min
>Program preview: 1000 blocks

>Screw pitch compensation, improving machining precision to the most
>Pulse equivalent: Max precision can set as 0.0001mm

>Embeded PLC with I/O number 118 x 46, users can free to edit
>USB port supply DNC function
>RS232 port supply DNC function by transmit rate 115200bit
>MPG on board or separate MPG are available
>Dual channel control of spindle speed conversion, can control two spindle units and diverse tool magazine

>Full-screen editing interface and foreground-background processing operation, which can do programming, parameter adjustment etc at same time 2D/3D graphic preview or simulating operation before machining, coordinates display, free shifting between 2D/3D graphic; Graphic can scale up/scale down, translate and rotate freely.
>Multilevel passward protection, such as program, parameter protection to convenient equipment management.
  • CE
  • ISO2000

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