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Product ID: 150iT-II

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Specification of Turning machine Controls:
>Controllable axes: 2-5 axes
>linkage axes: 2-5 axes linear, 2 axis arc linkage
>32MB user storage
>8.4 inch TFT Colorful display with D-type subpanel
>Real-time and all-round self-diagnosis
>Feed per minute and feed per revolution
>Metric/Inch thread, straight thread, taper thread, end face thread, variable pitch thread, high speed thread, continuous tread
>Various interpolation commands and M, S, T function
>Max 99 tools management
>Chinese/English language
>Parameter package and software backup/upgrade

Absolute Superiority:
1) Speed:
>Max rapid traverse: 60m/min
>Max cutting speed: 20m/min
>Program preview: 1000 blocks

2) Precision:
>Screw pitch compensation, improving machining precision to the most
>Pulse equivalent: Max precision can set as 0.0001mm

3) Interface:
A) Embeded PLC with I/O number 118 x 46, users can free to edit
B) USB port supply DNC function
C) RS232 port supply DNC function by transmit rate 115200bit
D) MPG on board or separate MPG are available
E) Dual channel control of spindle speed conversion, can control two spindle Units and diverse tool magazine.

4) Operation:
A) Full-screen editing interface and foreground-background processing operation, which can do programming, parameter adjustment etc at same time
B) 2D/3D graphic preview or simulating operation before machining, coordinates display, free shifting between 2D/3D graphic; Graphic can scale up/scale down, translate and rotate freely.
C) Multilevel passward protection, such as program, parameter protection to convenient equipment management
D) Start machining at random block or tool number
E) Compatible with popular foreign CNC system in instruction code and most program can run directly without amendment
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