escalator lift

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high quality,
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  • The compact structure
    • It adopts the high intensity metal. It makes it more compact for the product outline dimension.
  • The pleasing appearance:
    • The super-consciousness aesthetic design conforms with the technological design of the human body functions.
  • Fine coziness:
    • It employs the advanced control system and decelerator, superior drive chain, precise installation techniques, thus ensures the running coziness and remarkable security of the products.
  • Sound reliability:
    • It rigorously executes the current Chinese & European standards. It has set up all the necessary security devices, utilizes the micro-computer control skill, fulfills the non-contact control with safe and reliable operation.
  • Long use life:
    • It adopts the metal frameworks with light weight and high strength. It ensures the overall performance and automatic lubricating mechanism of the products.

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