HY-6034-B 5-Stage RO System 80GPD

Product ID: RO Unit

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The quick-connect with the necessary fittings, installation kits.
1/4" Twist Style Sediment PP Filter x 1
1/4" Twist Style Grain Carbon Filter x 1
1/4" Twist Style Block Carbon Filter x 1
Filter Cartridges Reference Resources: http://www.rowater.com.tw/en/pe-pj.htm
Plastic Bracket x 1
CL-10 In Line coconut shell Carbon Filter x 1
Single Clip x 2
RO membrane housing x 1
AQUA-WIN RO Membrane 80g x 1
Automatic shut-off valves x 1
Prevent backflow valve / Check Valve x 1
Flow Restrictor(300ml) x 1
Goose Faucet x 1
Plastic Storage Tank (2.2g) x 1
Saddle Valve / Needle Valve x 1
Drain Clamp x 1
HY-6034-B 5-Stage RO System 80GPD^$^#