BL005 Bottom-loading Water Dispenser / Water Cooler, Compressor Cooling, Supplies Cold and Hot Water

Product ID: BL005 Bottom-loading

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Bottled water dispenser/water cooler
A unique, bottom-loading cooler, eliminating the need for lifting and spilling of heavy bottles
Sense when the bottle is empty and a LED light on the front panel will flash to notify you that the bottle needs to be changed
Cold cook and hot, 3 taps (cold and hot, 2 taps optional)
Floor standing, compressor cooling
Heating wattage: 500W
Cooling wattage: 112W
Heating capacity: >= 90 deg. C, >= 5L/H
Cooling capacity: = 2L/H
G.W./N.W.: 28.0/26.0kg
Packing size: 42 x 39 x 106cm
20'/40' FCL: 168/336 pcs
bottom loading water dispenser ^$bottom loading water dispenser water cooler^#
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