AUTOBOSS Automotive Wheel Aligner (A-860)

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Wheel Alignment A-860

Wheel Aligner is designed to measure the wheel alignment parameters and to compare them with the specifications provided by vehicle manufacturer, providing the instructions to the user for performing corresponding adjustments so as to get the best steering performance and reduce tire wear.

愛emote unit for easy access and accurate sensor leveling
嵩ontinuous self-calibration to maintain accuracy
惹pecial alignment testing for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi
惹ensors are interchangeable for easy service
嵩onvenient probing and clamping for accurate positioning
嵩CD technology with 8 IR enclosed measurement
嵩ordless communication with interference proof data transfer
嵩omplete vehicle specifications including alignment data and procedures for over 20,000 models
嫂lignment parameters including Toe, Camber, Caster, SAI, Setback, Thrust angle, Wheelbase difference etc
愈ser-friendly operation interface, logical flowchart, audible assistance, background music
慌indows XP operating system with graphical user interface
惹elf-help menu for real time assistance

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  • Main Unit of A-860^$The main unit of A-860 wheel aligner is an operating platform, consisting of middle cabinet, left cabinet, right cabinet, computer, interface control circuit, ower supply.
  • ^#Probe Rod ^$CCD sensors transfer the captured pictures and processed data to computer system for advanced processor.
  • ^#Clamp Bracket^$Right installation of clamps is very important to the measurement. Please don't clamp the clamps onto the position which has heavy lead, also you should pay attention to the contact of each grabber tip and rim.Last but not least, please keeping the device from collision to ensure the measuring accuracy.
  • ^#Turn Table ^$Autoboss wheel aligner has 2 turntables (standard configuration). They are in the front wheel of the hoist. Before the car is driven in, please lock the turntable with the locking pin; After the car is driven in, please release it. Do make sure the front wheel is straight to the centre of the turntable.
  • ^#Steering Wheel Holder ^$Please fix the Steering Wheel Holder according to the hints on the screen to lock the steering wheel during the test, so the tyres can stay at the required direction.
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  • Features
  • Brake Pedal Depressor^$Brake Pedal Depressor is used for locking the brake pedal during test to ensure the vehicle stay in the same way.
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