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In the full sense, pro-enamel or imitation hard enamel is an imitation of hard enamel with similar surface finish to hard enamel. The craftsmanship of pro-enamel is almost the same as hard enamel except pro-enamel does not need firing, but drying up in an oven. The general processes are as below:

- Base metal forming: Pro-enamel can be either made of brass or copper, dependently on the design. Various designs are converted into patterns and then steel moulds. The base metal with design configurations are formed by die striking with moulds with the designs. Areas to be in-filled with pro-enamel are always made recessed.

- Baking: After infilling, enamel has to be dried up in an oven.

- Polishing: After drying up, pro-enamel must be ground and then polished to on one hand make the surface smooth, on the other make the metal configuration outline conspicuous. Like hard enamel, pro-enamel quality requires intensive polishing to achieve quality products.

- Plating: Plating is employed to make the metal part different finishes as gold, nickel, silver, antique gold/nickel/silver or other applicable plating.

Due to the different enamel material used and processes employed, the finish of pro-enamel smoother and shinier than hard enamel. The enamel is softer than hard enamel though, pro-enamel is the so attractive as hard enamel.

For inquiry or orders, please provide the following information:
- Designs or pictures
- Quality
- Sizes
- Plating
- Findings
- Quantity

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Material^$Brass^#Quality^$Pro-enamel^#Plating Available^$Gold, silver, nickel, antique gold/silver/nickel/bronze^#Attachment Available:^$Safety pin, butterfly clutch, bolt and screw^#

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