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We are professional manufacturer of Herbal Medicine and herbal Dietary Supplements in china, The main products are Lentinan(LTN), Lucid Ganoderma P.E., Ginkgo Biloba Extract(GBE), Soybean P.E., Dang Gui(Angelica) P.E., Kudzu Root P.E., Barbary Wolfberry Fruit P.E., St. John`s Wort P.E., Paclitaxel P.E., Phooioin Rosea P.E., Giant Knolweed P.E., Astragasli P.E., Gynostemma P.E., Grape Seed P.E. and Ginseng P.E. etc. the main products are dried fine powder which can be used of medicine, food Supplement and cosmetic widely. We do offer the best quality of Herbs, Medicinal & plant extracts,the origine is china.For further product information, pls send e-mail or telephone to us.

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