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Nowadays, more and more countries and districts use Child Safety Lighter policy to protect their children and People be more safe, such as USA, Europe Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan District. This is a very good policy for all the people.

Chinese lighter is the most competitive in world. But nearly no Chinese lighter factory or company has their own Child Safety patent. All the Child Safety patents are controlled by US or European companies. This makes Chinese lighter companies can't export lighters to USA, Europe Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan District.

Our company already applied PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) for our own Child Safety Lighter Patent, this patent is very easy for producing and the cost is the same as normal lighter, because this patent only changed the direction of all the parts and no any additional part needed.

About our patent pls see our homepage, our homepage show the patent details very clearly.

As a company which is without branch in other countries, we are not very familiar with the procedures and laws of other countries, so we sincerely invite the companies which is proffessional on lighter business to invest this great idea patent together, share this patent together and win together.

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  • Child Safety Lighter Patent
    • Child Safety Lighter Patent