Nokia N80 Internet Ed Silver

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The N80 comes in a very clean and attractive slider design. When closed, the numeric keypad is hidden within its 4.8oz, 3.8" x 2" x 1" body. The 5-way directional pad controller, a pair of softkeys, a pair of editing keys, and the normal red and green call buttons are still accessible. In terms of feel and usability, the N80's d-pad controller takes some getting use to, but the rest of the buttons and keys are all fine.

When it comes to connectivity, Nokia's N80 has it in spades. It will work on any of the 4 GSM bands found throughout the world, and even supports 3G WCDMA networks as well - where available. But there is more to it than that. For example, the N80 supports the new enhanced GPRS system called EDGE that is available here in the US and other places, and it also supports 802.11g WiFi data for connecting to a network at high speeds when at home, the office, or a local coffee house. It is even capable of SIP compliant Voice Over IP (VOIP) service, when configured to work with a compatible provider. But that's still not all, as the N80 supports Bluetooth v1.2 and infrared wireless connections as well.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the N80 is equally ready to go. For starters, it comes equipped with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera with a macro mode and red-eye reduction capable flash. The macro mode allows the N80 to take quality photos of people and landscapes as well as smaller, closer objects like flowers. The camera also is capable of recording fine quality video clips in MP4 format at 352x288 pixel resolution, or lower quality 3GP clips at 176x144 pixel resolution. Whether you are shooting video or stills, you hold the N80 horizontally like a digital camera. A dedicated shutter button sits comfortably under your right index finger when used in this way.

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