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Product ID: BD-003

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applied in the oil media with low & high environment, punching oil seals, washer, seals with good sealing performance. It is applied in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical and foods. It also used in the high stress environment,etc.
strong anti-tearing silicon rubber ^$^#general rubber sheets^$^#oil-resistant rubber sheets series^$^#anti acid & alkali rubber sheets^$^#ribbed, studded & cloth-finished^$^#
  • strong anti-tearing silicon rubber ^$high anti-tearing performance, good oil-resistant, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, aging proof, etc.^#general rubber sheets^$with middle pressure, work in -15~60℃ environment, water proof, anti-shock, seal^#oil-resistant rubber sheets series^$work temperature-30℃-60℃, work in the oil media ^#anti acid & alkali rubber sheets^$good anti-acid & alkali, anti-corrosion performance in acid & alkali environment;
  • ^#ribbed, studded & cloth-finished^$ with middle pressure, water proof and anti-slip performance^#
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