AC Motor Capacitor

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AC Motor Capacitor
The capacitors are applied to the electromotor and washing machine, it makes for electromotor to start-up and run.
The products have all kinds of quality approvals to enter international market such as UL, CUL, VDE, TUV and CQC.
Broadly applied to starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz(60Hz) frequency for family air conditioners and high power illuminators for the sake of power factor compensation
Main features:
Standard IEC60252-1
Climate type 40/70/21,40/85/21
Small in dimension, high capacitance;
Bear to the high voltage, low loss;
Stable capability, long life;
Good self-healing character and safety reliability.
Useful purpose :Air Condition,refrigeratory,icebox,compressor,Motor,washing machine,
Cleaner,Washer,Water Pump,UPS electrical source

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