Product ID: Car bench

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1. Unique tilt-bed design allows easy loading and unloading. With its loading ramps, you can drive your car on directly.
2. With excellent ten-ton round towers, you will enjoy true 360 pulling power.
3. Perfectly smooth bed provides one of the flattest surface in the industry from which to measure.
4. With high-strength Mo-Clamp chains and pulling ACCESSORIES, you can almost recover any car distortion with ease.
5. Famous Universal Clamping System anchors any vehicle rock-solid.
6. Enjoying ISO9001: 2000 certification.
  • Car bench length^$5182mm treadways
  • 5791mm with loading ramp
  • 6452mm with towers positioned front and rear^#Car bench width^$2108mm total bed width
  • 667mm treadway width
  • 826mm width between treadways
  • 3378mm with tower on either side^#Working height^$610mm^#Hydraulic power^$10 tens per pulling tower^#Lift capacity^$3000 kgs^#
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