oxygen sensor

oxygen sensor

Oxygen Sensor for GM application

Product ID: OS-1001

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With it's patented technology of formulized ZrO2 and it's know how of sealing techniques, CERADEX Oxygen Sensor is fitted with OE specification that improves vehicle's engine performance, lower vehicle emissions, and improves vehicle's fuel economy. To ensure longer sensor lifecycle and vehicle safety, CERADEX sensors is produced with premium materials that protects the sensor against the harsh environment inside of the exhaust pipe, and so to reduce premature sensor failure. In addition, all CERADEX sensors are tested against the sensor's function to warrant the highest quality and stability before sending out to clients.
1.We have over 10,000 OE fitted applications for American, Japanese, European, and Korean branded cars
2.TS-16949 certified by UL
3.ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
4.Patented know how of processing the core ceramic element to achieve optimal signal output
5.Sensors undergo 100% function inspection to ensure the highest quality and stability. Tester certified by SGS
6.13 month warranty from shipping date
7.Fast delivery window
8.Special packaging, tailored instruction, and private labeling
9.15 years of expertise in O2 sensor related fields
  • ISO 9001
  • 14001
  • TS16949
  • CE

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