Ceramic Watch

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All colors of ceramic watches available now with revolutionary design and fine art works watches with ceramic case,xxxxx This fashionable model has an avant-garde bracelet set with distinctive ceramic pieces to form an amazing design. . The fusion of nature and mankind is a truly exquisite and sophisticated timepiece.
To make ceramiracle is our destiny, it is destined to shine with your distinctive color
  • Zirconia Ceramic Watch
    • Use Zirconia material for exterior parts of watch, such as watch ring, watch case, watch dial, watch buckle, watch band parts and necklace, etc.
  • Features:
  • u Materials: Zirconia, Ceramic
  • u Ceramic band, case and sapphire glass
  • u Colors as white, black, blue, green, jujube red, azury, wheat, pink
  • u Forming processes: Injection molding, extruding
  • u These parts with gems are wearing resistant, long color durability, elegant and luxuriant, bright and shining
  • u A durable color, superior strength, abrasion-resistant, and very friendly to human skin.

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