Walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector

Product ID: CS-DA AccuCheck

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CHECKPOINT series walk through metal detector is a CE approved concealed weapons detector. This walk-through metal detector which uses advanced magnetic technology to accurately pinpoint the location, size, and number of concealed weapons, such as knives and guns. Personal artifacts such as coins, keys or belt buckles will not set off the alarm. With strong looking the walk through metal detector CHECKPOINT combined the latest technology and innovation and its appealing design adapts to even the hardest environments like strong interference and high humiliation and even water. The CHECKPOINT walk-through metal detectoris a true multi-zone metal detector with new advanced features. It offers superior performance for demanding high security applications. The CHECKPOINT walk-through metal detector utilizes special architecture material that includes powder-coached metal pole and PVC panel, an overlapping new multi-zone coil system, combining the unique true multi-zone features with frequency distribution technology to gain better sensitivity.

Reasons to choose CHECKPOINT walk-through metal detector
* Deters Crime
* Improves traffic flow
* Reduces the number of required searches
* Reduces workload of security personnel
* Reduces false alarms
* Increases Building safety with minimal cost
* Durable material adoption

This walk-through metal detector can be used in the factory, prison, court, exhibition hall, stadium, entertainment lieu, etc., where the prohibited articles need to be checked for safety.

1. Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertaining the location of the metal articles according to the layout of the metal articles.

2. Every detecting area is 100 sensitivity. With the range of 0-99, it can be automatically adjusted.

3. Adopting the ultra-large LED/LCD displaying panel, Acoustic-optical alarm simultaneously

4. The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.

5. Two or more gates can work simultaneously.

6. Calculate the number of passenger flow and the times of alarming automatically.

7 The gate is protected with password, only empowered person are permitted to operate.

8. Guard Spirit series are systematic designs, need only 20 minutes to install or dismantle, equip VCD training disk and Chinese-English operation instruction with the machine.

9. Using sensitive metal detecting technology is harmless to heartbeat implement in human body, magnetic softwares, tapes and video recording tapes.

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  • CE ISO9001

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