Plastic Bag Maker Machine Series

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Our Bag Machine Series as below:
1. Two Side Hot-Sealing and Hot-Cutting Bag Making Machine--Model No.RQL
2. Computer bag sealing and cutting machine-- Model No.DFR
3. Rolling Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine--Model No GBDR
4. Automatic T-Shirt bag maker machine--Model No GBD-E
5. Computer Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine--Model No GBD
6. High-speed automatic three-edge sealing bag maker(with self-support bag mechanism)--Model No.JDL
7. Ziplock Computer Control Bag Maker-Model No.FQZS
8. Ring forming machine
9. Full-automatic computer control punch bag and Loop-handle bag mulit-function bag maker mahcine--Model No.RJHQ
10. High-speed Four-infrared Controlling semi-Automatic hot Sealing and Cold Cutting Bag Maker Machine--Model No.SHXJ
  • just for making plastic bag
    • this machine is used for making plastic(PP,PE,PVC,etc) bag ,like shopping bag,vestbag,T-shirt bag and garbage bag,etc.
  • more details
    • kindly pls contact me for more details

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