Recycling Machine (Granulator and Pelletizer) and Slitter and Rewinder

Product ID: 84772010

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Model No: GSL-70-90-100-120
This machine is used to recycle waste PE or PP film
  • Diameter of screw: 70, 90, 100, 120mm
  • Output: 50 - 120kg/h
  • L/D ratio: 28:1
  • Speed of screw: 5 - 100rpm
  • Heating zones: 3
  • Screen changer form: by motor to drive
  • Die structure: cadmium plating, nicely polishing
  • Timing motor: 3-phase, asynchronism, 6-pole, AC motor
  • Cooling unit: with water tank
  • Temperature controlling: automatic controlling system
  • With single screw rod
  • With gear box for extrusion
  • Our Slitter and Rewinder series for film,paper,etc as below:
    • Vertical Automatic Slitting & Rewinding Machine--Model No: GFQ-800-1000-1300 . This machine is used to slit such materials as plastic film and paper
    • Receives bank check and facsimile paper slitter
  • just for granulating and slitting
    • this machine is used in plastic industry

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