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40feet 3 axles wall semi-trailer

1. Axles is made from high-qualified alley steel, with a storage of name-branded axles such as Germany BPW, U.S KIC, FUWA, LT , KEDY and so on.
2. King Pin
Germany "JOST" king pin
3. Landing Gear
"JOST" ,"KIC", "FUWA", "TYM" and others
4. Suspension
Japan technology New Tokyo spring suspension
5. Braking Valve
100% Originated from U.S "SEALCO" and Germany "WABCO"

(2).Technology Parameter List:
Name of product FM9400TJZ Wall Semitrailer
Size(mm):LxWxH(mm) 12400x2500x2750
Size of loading space:LxWxH(mm) 12215x2324x600
Number of axles 3
Wheel base(mm) 7170+1310+1310
Number of steel plate's spring leaves 7 /7/ 7
Specification of Tires 11.00-20
Number of Tires 12
Track(front /middle/rear)(mm) 1840/1840/1840
Total mass(kg) 39680
Maximum Laden mass(kg) 31700
Axle load(kg) 23950(parallely 3 axles installed )
Complete vehicle kerb mass(kg) 7980
Maximum authorized load-bearing mass of semi-trailer saddle(kg) 15730
Approach angel(。) -/21
Departure angel(mm) -/1860
Vehicle identification LA93LNAFxxxxxxxxFMXxxxxxxx
others ABS:4s/4m the both sides and the rear of the vehicle shall be installed body reflection.
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