Blow molding machine-RSB800

Product ID: RSB800

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Products range: mineral water bottle, carbonic drink bottle, hot filling bottle, edible oil bottle, wide mouth jar,cosmetics bottle, wine bottle, scour bottle and so on.

Combined with 1-cavities blow mold, its max. output could up to 400pcs/ hour. Use our Riway-BM2 blow-molding machine; you can produce the bottles from the 2L to 6L. This kind of machine is very suitable for make small cosmetic bottle, medium mineral bottle and so on.
  • Max. capacity of finished bottle^$blow 2L ^#Max. output(P/h)^$ 400pcs/hour ^#Max. mold dimension mm^$ 320X200X400 ^#Center distance of the mold^$ 100--200 (mm)^#Heating power&Weight^$Weight(kg):
  • Blow molding machine 350
  • Inferred oven 120
  • Machine dimension(L*W*H mm) :
  • Blow molding machine 1200*600*1540
  • Inferred oven 1200*510*1200
  • ^#
  • Features
    Features:1^$Pneumatic elements (Bosch & Burkert brand) are extremely reliable.^#Features:2^$Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly "soft-touch" interface.^#Features:3^$Time-control precision of PLC up to 0.01second^#Features:4^$Using Infrared reheat units, have high heating efficiency of perform.^#Features:5^$Heating temperature are adjustable according to different preform.^#

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