pure silk handmade single double faces xiang embroidery

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Shaping Golden factory is a Group Hunan Handicrafts Corportion integrated with research and development, design, production, and chain marketing, mainly manufactures many kinds of handmade embroidery including Ornamental embroidery, Commodity embroidery and Gift embroidery.

Hunan Embroidery (Hunan Province is called Xiang for short in Chinese) is an important kind of Chinese Embroidery.It is a handmade folk art of Hunan province.It has been developed from Hunan folk art embroidery methods and influenced by techniques from Suzhou embroidery and Guangdong embroidery by innovative Hunan People

With over ten years combined experience creating the finest Hunan embroidery. Golden Handicrafts would like to seize the opportunity to assist you with your entire needs.

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  • 20cm^$This is based on an oil painting.The pandas stand for peace in Chinese history and they are the national treasure of China. Chinese silk embroidery has special stitches for animals like tigers, lions, pandas,dogs or cats because of their eyes and fur. You will notice that the fur of the pandas is three-dimensional and detailed and makes you want to reach out and touch them. The most difficult parts are their eyes which look just like real and they seem to be communicating with you. There are many tiny stitches for the eyes to make them look round and look alive. There are so many color changes of the fur and they are handled amazingly well.
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