Construction Machinery-HL-T5

Construction Machinery-HL-T5

Construction Machinery

Product ID: HL-T5

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Main technique parameter:


Specification model number
Producing ability 8000 slices/8 hourses
convection belt 1450mm
Heightwhenworking 750mm

NO.of row 5row

Coating category oil/ water
equipments weight roughly 12 ton

source consuming
Electric power 15kw
20 ~30 litres/ hou
Compressed air 2800litres/ hour

The full-automatic chromatic cement tile production line HL- T5, is a machine designed by HuaLong Machinery according to characteristics of tiny view and superficial layer material of the tile.
The tile is purged and swept through surface -roast and dry rst -spray painting at the bottom -the dry the center -superficial layer spray painting- dry -surface cooling , totally three times dry, two times spray painting , make the surface of chromatic cement tile attain the best function.Except the feed and discharge port process are manual work,spray and the dry process are full-automatic.
The HL- T5 configure the high pressure no steam spray painting system as painting supply system, being up to a 80 kgs/ cm2 pressures can thoroughly atomize the dope, the utilization rate of the dope close to 85%,it constitute the large part of the cost,so it will be competitive enough for the chromatic cement tile factory. The dry system installed in production line of HL- T5 is fuel or combustion gas heater system,so it have great advantages of heat-producing capability , heat quick, low cost.

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