Construction Machinery-HLQM6-15

Construction Machinery-HLQM6-15

Construction Machinery

Product ID: HLQM6-15

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Main technique parameter:


number of each forming 30 pieces

transmission way
hydraulic pressure


Biggest pressure 40KN(16Mpa)
Wholemachineweight 5000kg

The HLQM6-15 completely automatic artificial brick shaper absorbs the domestic foreign similar equipment technology as foundation, the careful design, the new generation of concrete machinery special building services that is developed, adopted the integration design of machine computer and hydraulic , realized the man-machine conversation ,completely automatic controlled by the Japanese Mitsubishi computer chip and the colored LCD screen, combinated Taiwan the advanced hydraulic pressure craft system and the charging under pressure device, make the material to achieve the high density high strength in 2-3 second.

This machines is easy to operate, no need to accept specialized training when operating,the production efficiency are high;The labor intensity is small;Energy consumption is low .just change the mould can produce various of bricks that you to need, one machine is multipurpose, it is investor\'s ideal choice.

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