Construction Machinery-HL125C

Construction Machinery-HL125C

Construction Machinery

Product ID: HL125C

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Main technique parameter: Specification model HL-125C

Model the pressure 125 ton

Model speed
7-8( slice/ minute)

stow capacity 7.5(KW)

weight of main machine
5 ton
Features size

HL-125c high speed filter pressing type concrete tile shaper has used many advanced technologies. This section type has the better machine capability and the economical performance.


1. Molding fast and output is large, adopted PLC computer touch to control, automatic,Man-machine contact surface, performance more reliable, the operation is more convenient . Entire hydraulic pressure air operated , the production speed may reach 8 piece/minute,the rate of finished products is high, the capability is good and price is low.

2. Adopted the mortar concrete through filter pressing to pressure forming. The structure of the product is perfect .There are many types of products, high density and big intensity ,the sizes is precise, could satisfy each kind of building that you need,it is high-quality goods in the concrete products.

3. One machine is multipurpose,through change mould, can produce various types main tile and various types necessary tile, it also may produce the upscale colored terrazzo brick and polish spurts the pill brick and laundering brick ,etc

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