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Product ID: Blow molding machine

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Main features1 Pneumatic elements (Bosch & Burkert brand) are extremely reliable.
2 Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly "soft-touch" interface.
3 Time-control precision of PLC up to 0.01second
4 Using Infrared reheat units, have high heating efficiency of perform.
5 Heating temperature are adjustable according to different preform.
6 Heating zones can be increase/decrease when required.
7 Fast, low cost production changeovers. Simple installation & startup adjustment
Bottle parameter^$^#Molding paremeter ^$^#Machine paremeter ^$^#Compressed air ^$^#Air dryer^$^#
Cooling water^$^#Molding paremeter ^$^#Machine paremeter ^$^#Compressed air ^$^#Air dryer^$^#

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