massage chair and ottoman 319

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massage chair and ottoman 319
A: Massage chair function

1, 3 auto preset programs: RELAX, SNOOZE, THERAPY.

2, Kneading, rolling, tapping&compression, synchorous or individual working.

3, 2-direction kneading; nect-to-tail manage; fast-to-slow tapping.; 3D on neck

4, Strength variable adjustment, synchronous or individual adjustment

5, Position massage; Full-range massage; variably-adjusted width; different 6-part setting.

6, Auto recliner, 110?170?

7, 30-minute timing.

8, Speaker, amplifier, woofer, heating, vibration & air compression selectable.

9, Alnico robotic with low noise
give you a fantacy massage pleasure^$^#

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