tin-plating copper clad steel wire (CP)

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Our company specialist for manufacturing and supplying copper clad aluminum wire (CCA), copper clad aluminum magnesium alloy wire (CCAM), tin-plating copper clad aluminum wire (TCCA), copper clad steel wire (CCS) conductivity 30%, tin-plating copper clad steel wire (CP), aluminum magnesium alloy wire(AL),Enameled Copper coated aluminum wire, plastic spools
  • Electroplate Steel packed by tinned
    • Electroplate Steel packed by tinned copper is made by the electroplate method with the average tin or tin lead alloy on the surface of copper binding wire. Each coating incorporates tightly between copper coating with steel wire and copper coating with tin coating. It is able to bear from flaking.
  • SGS
    • We are the production enterprise; the price is moderate enough and is almost cost price. We also have a serious quality control. We have adopted the SGS certification
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  • Uniformity coating
    • copper coating and tin coating is uniformity.
  • Strong bending proof
    • soft steel core thread, bending proof and the solder point is fastness, whose vibration proof is three or six times as the copper thread.
  • Strong tenacity and wring-proof
    • the workability of copper combination with the soft steel plays an important role in tenacity and wring-proof and every fixed terminal. It is made by circuit and many solder point and set your heart at rest
  • The fine solder
    • the diathermancy of the steel packed by copper thread is worse than the copper wire. The one-side solder processing doesn't affect other parts, and the weldability of the thicker coating is better.
  • Luster
    • It isn't easy to change color for pure tin coating with luster
  • The producibilty ф0.10 is the galanothermy double production manufacturer whose quantity is the most stable and quality is the biggest at present in domestic industry, of which the leading product is ф0.10 and ф0.20 as weaving a high grade product. ф0. The extension rate of ф0.40 and ф1.0 is over 35%, which is the best material for soft conductor.
  • SGS

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