16CH Card,Geovision GV800 V8.31

Product ID: CY-800E V8.31

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Geovision GV800, a remote network security surveillance equipment, brings you the utmost digital video quality and performance for business and home security by offering the highest recording frame rate in the Geovision product family (120 fps in NTSC, 100 fps PAL). It also provides 4 channels audio recording and 480fps NTSC/PAL display with the optional DPS card. Two cards can be used for 32 channels. It is compatible with Windows 7 OS. It support remote view from 3G mobile.

Video Input: 16 Channels
Video Output: 16 Channels
Audio Input: 4 Channels
Audio Output: 4 Channels
Recording Rate: 120 fps (NTSC), 100 fps (PAL)
Display Rate: 120 fps (NTSC), 100 fps (PAL)
Video Resolution: 320x240, 640x240, 640x480,640x480
Compression Format: Wavelet, MPEG-4, GeoMPEG-4
Compression Type : Software Compression
Chipset: Connexant878A
Operation System: Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Windows 7
Software Language: English, Chinese
Remote Type : Client, IE browse, PTZ function
Backup Type : HDD, CD-R, DVD, MO, ZIP
TV Out: No
Single System Support : 2 PCS
.32ch Geovision DVR CARD
.Geovision GV800
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