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Derflex one way vision film( Perforated Vinyl)unique small hole size(1.5mm or 1.6mm) and distance space between holes have good light transmission(60% or above) and printability. Special material surface, easy to absorb ink and brilliant graphics. Temperature ranges from below zero 20 degree celsius to 80 degree Celsius, the adhesive can be two year removability with no adhesive residue and it will be not fall off.
Product Specification
We provide products as follow: Length(m/roll): 50M
1) Vehicle advertisements on cars, buses and trains
2) Window advertisements on buildings, offices and shops
3) Excellent resistance to a wide range of physical and climatic conditions
4) Suitable for applications on transparent glass, acrylics and polycarbonate
5) Widely used in retail outlets, POP displays, service stations and convenience Stores
  • Item: DMT8100 ^$PVC Film thickness thickness: 0.15mm, Hole Diameter: 1.60mm
  • Weight of Release Paper: 140 g/sqm , Width(m): 0.98/1.27/1.37/1.52, Removable, black acrylic adhesive
  • ^#Item: DMT8200 ^$PVC Film thickness thickness: 0.15mm , Hole Diameter: 1.50mm
  • Weight of Release Paper : 180 g/sqm , Removable, white acrylic adhesive
  • ^#Item: DMT8001 ^$PVC Film thickness thickness: 0.18mm ,Hole Diameter(mm): 1.60 ,
  • Weight of Release Paper : 180 g/sqm , Width(m): 0.98/1.27/1.37/1.50, Removable Transparent acrylic adhesive
  • ^#Item: DMT8002 ^$PVC Film thickness thickness: 0.18mm , Hole Diameter(mm): 1.60
  • Weight of Release Paper : 230 g/sqm , Width(m): 0.98/1.27/1.37/1.50, Removable Transparent acrylic adhesive
  • ^#
  • Features
  • Good Printing effect^$Excellent ink absorption and flexibility. Der??s One Way Vision make use of good PVC material, which can guarantee good ink absorption and colour saturation. The printed image vivid and of good colour contrast.
  • ^#good raw material^$The imported removable adhesive guarantee the high quality and stable performance of the media, but also stick strongly to the pvc film and leave no residua when removing the adhesive.
  • 3)Superb light transmission, high definition of the print effect. The hole diameter is 1.50mm to 1.60mm.^#
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