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Der's Textile series consist of waterproof textile for outdoor use, mirror banner, solvent-print textile, etc.

Der's Textile has the following characteristics:

1)Good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength, without frilling.
2)Good ink absorption, sensational colour contrast.
3)Waterproof, UV resistant, good weatherability, it can be used outdoors, long term preservation with unchanged performance.
4)Easy for the production.
5)When the printing finished, it can be used without covering protection film, the cost can be saved greatly.

Application: widely used as advertising banners, exhibition and display equipment, light box media.

Suitable for Thermal-foaming printer, Piezoelectric printer and Solvent printer
Item: DX4410M (Matte)
Basic Fabric: 150DX150D , thickness(mm): 0.15 ,PVC Film thickness Wight: 120 g/sqm ,
Width(m): 0.914/1.27/1.52
Item:DX4410G (Glossy)
Basic Fabric: 150DX150D ,Thickness(mm): 0.15
Wight: 120 g/sqm ,Width(m):0.61/0.76/0.914/1.27/1.52/1.82
Item:DX4300 (Mirror Banner)
Basic Fabric: 75DX75D ,Thickness(mm): 0.15 ,Wight: 120 g/sqm
Width(m): 0.610/0.914/1.27/1.52
Item: DX4201
Basic Fabric: 300DX300D ,Thickness(mm): 0.30 ,Wight: 180 g/sqm
Width(m): 0.610/0.914/1.27/1.52
Item:DX4202 ((Flame Retardant)
Basic Fabric: 300DX300D ,Thickness(mm): 0.30 ,Wight: 180 g/sqm
Width(m): 0.610/0.914/1.27/1.52
Basic Fabric: 150DX150D
Thickness(mm): 0.20 , Wight:120 g/sqm
Width(m): 0.610/0.914/1.27/1.52

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