Changshu Deschem Chemical Equipments Co.,Ltd.
Our Products is glassware , chemical glassware , glass condensers , glass heat exchangers , glass coil heat exchangers , shell and tube heat exchangers.
Established in 1994, Changshu Deschem Chemical Equipments Co.,Ltd.(formerly the Changshu Deschem Chemical Equipments Factory) is located in Yangyuan in the southwest of Changshu city in Jiangsu province of China. With an occupied floor area of 10,000 sq. meters and more than 100 employees, the comppany is China's leading enterprise engaged in the production of Chemical glassware.

The company's core products is glass equipment (glass condensers, glass pipes, glass joints, glass-links, glass valves, glass jet pumps) Deschem chemical glassware widely used for chemical machinery, pharmaceutical and oil and natural gas industries.

Along with our country chemical industry, specially the organic synthesis and the polymer chemistry industry rapid development, is day by day urgent to the chemical equipment anticorrosion technology request. High quality alloy steel products, not only the construction cost is expensive, also only can resist the limited type medium the corrosion. In recent years, some nonmetallic anticorrosive materials, like the plastic, the glass fiber reinforced plastic, the glass, the ceramics and the impermeability graphite and so on, lived the widespread application in chemistry which mid-production obtained, has obtained the remarkable effect. The high boronsilicon glass is one kind, it has the good chemical stability, the mechanical strength is big, as a result of the technological level unceasing enhancement, develops gradually from the laboratory instrument production to the chemical equipment manufacture, in solves in the broad scope medium corrosion already a result. I take charge of the boron silicon glass pipeline instrument which produces, took one kind of nonmetallic material, in the agricultural chemicals, the chemical reagent, the dye, profession and so on medicine chemical industry has been selected.

Our principle is creation,Hard working and mutual benefits;Our aim is quality first . Team work and best service. Meet customer's demand in quality. Technology,service and costing.improve quality and workmanhip continuouslyin safe and clean environment.Ship high quality products on time.offer customer the best quality.Reasonal price and high efficiency.

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