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we are a manufacturer and builder of steel structural building with 6 years in steel structure fabrication and installation in China, we would like to be a supplier for you to provide quality structural steels (Columns, Purlins, Bracing, Tie Bar, Holding Down Bolts, anchor bolts and other welded members or sandwich panel, including sandblasting, welding, fabricating and painting or galvanizing) accroding to your drawings and requirement.

If you need to fabricate structural steels, such as structural columns, steel beams in any shape or any size, our company will be your good choice, we have 6 years experience in steel structural fabrication and have a set of complete fabrication facility, which is include CNC Cutter, Submerged Arc Welding Marchines, Numerical Control Driller, SandBlasting Machine, CNC Rotary I Section Welding Machine and so on, you just need to provide us your drawings and requirements, every member is strictly fabricated according to the drawings in our factory so that you can easy assembly on your site, and the quality is good, the price is low