EDM wire cut machiner

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DK7763F CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine:

1.Technical parameters:
Worktable size (L*W):650*1030mm
Worktable travel (L*W):630*800mm
Max.cutting thickness(mm) :400
Max.taper cut / in workpiece thickness: ??80mm
Max.cutting speed(mm?min):110
Best surface roughness(痠): Ra8.
Electrode Wire Diameterange(mm) : 0.12~0.22
Working solution:Saponification Liquid
Power consumption(KVA): 2
Power supply: 3N-380V/50Hz
Max.piece weight(kg):1000
machine weight(kg) 2850
Packing dimensions(mm) :2150*1990*2000mm

2.The machines characteristics :
Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and
reliable operation
Make features of big taper, considerable thickness, high efficiency,
high precision and new structure etc,
Can cut plane, bevel, top and bottom different shaped surface
Can accept DXF or G-Code from AutoCAD and other major CAD/CAM
systems via floppy disk
DK7763F CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine^$^#
  • CE
  • 1400
  • ISO9001

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